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Online Store Name Generator will be the naming partner of your business if you are looking for some of the best online store name ideas. Find out the business name generator, tips and examples of some great business names.

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The internet aiding the global village in multiple aspects and online shopping is one of them. Ecommerce stores are providing the easiest access to almost everything there is to buy. Purchasing & selling was never so easy and fun.

If you’ve decided to open an e-commerce store, you are just making a great fortune for yourself! Here’s all you need to know for perfectly naming your online business:

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Top Online Store Name Ideas for Your Inspiration:

If you are a starter in eCommerce business & your heart is drumming inside your chest about the successful branding of your online shop, you don’t have to worry your head about it! No matter what industry you’ve chosen for your online store, either it’s a fashion boutique, a jewelry store or an Etsy shop, you should get ready to put in real efforts to make it work.

There were others like you who took this initiative on their shoulders & today the entire world is knocking at their doors to do some shopping.

Below is the list of those successful online stores that are working a treat around the Internet world. You may be familiar with them already but their name ideas are something that you may not have heard before.

Here are some of the best online store names examples:


This multibillion-dollar e-commerce platform was initiated by two Bansal friends, Binny & Sachin Bansal back in 2007. Flipkart was once started as an online book retailer but the founders wisely left space by choosing a name that would allow them to add more products on stocks in the future.

The name ‘FlipKart’ basically refers to flipping products into your kart. The name sounds catchy, simple & perfect for online any store.


Did you know this famed, notable & top-rated e-commerce platform was first named as Cadabra?

Probably not. The founder of the company Jeff Bezos was first settled for the name Cadabra inspired by the then famous magic spell ‘Abra Cadabra’ but soon during a conversation with a lawyer when his lawyer misheard the name, he realized it’s not gonna work.

He went through some dictionaries & found the name Amazon a befitting one for several reasons. One that as it reflected the River Amazon, which was blessed with many natural gifts & had the largest collection of flora & fauna, Amazon Inc will envelop a large collection of retail items & the second reason was alphabetical for Amazon that it will appear top in the internet directories.

Sounds creative, isn’t it?


There comes a certain point when we finally find a name that sounds exactly like then name we want for our business but when we hunt for its availability, we face a face-palm moment knowing that it’s already taken!

But there are only a few who still look for other ways rather than turning their backs. eBay is an accurate example of that.

The story behind it says that the founder of eBay Pierre Omidyar had first named the website as AuctionWeb while giving a test drive to his newly created online e-commerce store. As a sample item, he had placed a broken laser pointer on his store & was surprised to know that it just got sold out in a few days!

Excited that he became, he decided to make it something big. He started looking for the name for his online store & ended up his search on Echo Bay but soon found out that the name was already taken!

He didn’t want to turn his face away from the name so he just worked his mind out on shortening ‘EchoBay’ from ‘eBay’ & that’s how we got the website we love nowadays!

So the moral of the story is that the best name is somewhere around your eyes & ears!

How to Choose a Perfect Name for Your Online Store?

You have drawn the basic lines for your store. You have your business plan; you have all set out for financial coverage & also you have the location. The part you are missing is your name.

Choosing the name for your eCommerce store is a monotonous task, to be honest. The mind goes blank sometimes & all we get is frustration in the end.

But as “where there is a will, there is a way”, there is always a creative name, where the right advice is!

Here is our advice for your online store name. Follow these steps & we bet you won’t end up nameless!

Try not to Drag Your Name:

There are only a few customers that love the lengthy names of the stores, in very rare cases.

Dragging your name at the length where it starts feeling like ‘ponderous’ may cause you some loss of interest from the customer’s side. Customers simply love the names that are easily understandable & don’t require any labor to read or spell it.

The simple name also guarantees you free publicity & marketing. It has the power to boost up or cut off your customer base.

Try to make it short & simple otherwise, ready to turn your customers back!

Conduct Market Research:

You might get ideas about some creative names but you are not the only one in the race.

To avoid tussle with any at some point, try to conduct market research for the names that already exist. Try to google the keywords that you have in your mind about your store name.

This will give you a good understanding of the names that are being used in the market & will help you to stand out among the crowd.

Define Your Business Idea:

Good at writing? Well, then you don’t need friends or family, not at this point.

Just take a paper & pen & start defining your business. Write down why you want to start your business, what you can offer that will facilitate the customers, why one should use you, what services you are gonna render at your e-commerce store & answer all these questions one by one.

Write what kind of business you are going to start? Is it a boutique, antiques, fast food, furniture or any other?

When you finish it, try to mix up your answers with some adjectives. You can also use prominent places to explain your services just like the Amazon example.

When you finish all things up, you’ll have buckets full of vocabulary that best defines your business.

Discuss Ideas with Friends & Family:

This is the point where friends & family get involved.

You can plan some meetups with your family & friends to discuss multiple ideas about your store. Everyone has some drops of uniqueness inside so you will have a bunch of names at the end of every session.

Shortlist names that sound good & keep on doing so until you get your hands on the perfect one!

How to Use the Online Store Name Generator:

Online Store Name Generator is an amazingly easy tool to find a unique name for your EShop. It can help you find a creative online store name in just a few minutes!

All you have to do is scrolling down to the generator screen & click the button “Generate Online Store Names”. A genuine & unique online store name will float up the screen.

If you think the name isn’t considerable, you can click more & more until you don’t find the name you are looking for!

You can also review all the names you’ve generated with the online store name generator. It creates a list of the names you just generated to make it easy for you to choose the names you like the most for further brainstorming.

Best Online Store Name Ideas:

  • Online Karts
  • Internet Shoppers
  • Digital Sales
  • Commercial Dot Com
  • Plused Into Cart
  • Online Identity
  • One-Click Pick
  • Kevin’s Online Boutiques
  • Building Business
  • Virtual Shopping
  • Sure To Shop
  • Shopped In
  • Buyers Inn
  • Internet Geeks
  • Shopping Solutions
  • Kart For Free
  • Order On-Line
  • Easy Transactions
  • Crystal Clear Shops
  • Retail Here
  • Tail Shopping
  • Un Limit It
  • Craft Shopping
  • The Art of Shopping
  • Shoppers Are Artist
  • Certain Shopping
  • I’ll Buy It
  • No Byes Accepted
  • Daily Deals
  • Whistling Business
  • Business Ship
  • Ecommerce Point
  • Equal Sales
  • InterNet Bet
  • Into The Wild
  • Game Of Shopping
  • Breaking Stores
  • Shopping Zone
  • Online Us
  • Business To Be
  • Zig To Zag
  • More To Shop
  • Creating Buyers
  • Internet Insects
  • Open For Sale
  • Better To Buy
  • Better Buys
  • Source To Store
  • Clicked & Buyed
  • Search For Merch
  • Fly Buy
  • Buy High
  • Buy, Don’t Bye
  • Shop Here
  • New Era Shopping
  • EShop
  • Shipped To You
  • WorldWide Goods
  • Shipped It!
  • Virtual Shopper
  • Universe of Goods
  • The Goods Planet
  • Plant Good
  • Planted Shopping
  • Buy Made Easy
  • Online Warehouse
  • The Shopping Empire
  • Castle Kart
  • Peaky Curtains
  • Shopping Heist
  • Let’s Talk Shopping
  • Internet Made Easy
  • At Your Service
  • Dug & Drag
  • Shop Assitant
  • The Shop At Corner
  • Shop Basket
  • Everyday Store
  • You Need It
  • Shopping Solutions
  • Shopraiser
  • Spark Cart
  • Shopping Storm
  • Shop Maniac
  • Shopzilla

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Online stores are an emerging business that posses a great customer base. If you successfully take up the gauntlet & make it work marvels, you are already an online entrepreneur.

I hope you’ve found some great online store name ideas by now. Leave a comment below with your favorite online store names generated with the online store name generator. Wishing you all the luck for your online business’s success.

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