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For your further convenience, find out some tips and popular general store names for choosing a name for your new business.

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General Store Name Ideas & Tips:

Opening a general store business is indeed a great idea. Keeping a big stock of groceries for local residents help you to grow your business as well as save the residents time & energy.

But for making your business stand-out is a challenge & naming your general store is a first milestone to achieve. If you are confused about what to name your general store, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. General Store Name Generator is here help you out of it.

Naming is extremely important in deciding the fate of your business. It can make your business easy to remember. The general store market is really competitive nowadays, so you have to take your time to brainstorm some creative name ideas for the general store.

Here’s how to name your general store in 2020:

  • Make Sure it’s Unique:

    Do a lot of research first about what kind of names are already existing. This will give you an idea of catchy & creative name ideas for your general store. The research will also give you an idea about what names can be hazardous to choose from!

    Just make sure that your name doesn’t stand among those forgettable words. Choose a unique name containing 10-15 letters maximum.

  • Make it Easy to Pronounce:

    It doesn’t matter how good the quality of your product & service is, your store name is not easy to pronounce, customers will forget it easily & your service will go in vain.
    Make your general store name easy to spell & effortless to pronounce. Use puns or rhyming words to make it sound interesting.

  • Make it Town Friendly:

    You can name your general store with your town as well. Adding your town’s name or anything relevant to it can make it easy to remember & will make it town friendly. You can also add anything significant to your town in your general store name.
    It can work as a magnet for your general store in attracting customers towards you!

  • Ask for Opinions:

    It’s always good to share the burden with your friends & family. If your area feeling over-burdened in taking everything on your business, you can form a team of your trusted colleagues to brainstorm some creative names for your general store.

Best Creative General Store Names:


General stores offer a good number of convenience for local residents of the area. Here are the name existing name ideas to inspire to open your own general store & name it creatively:

Woodstock General
Van’s General Store
Pinnacle Peak General Store
Grocery Warehouse
Gourmet Garage
Front General Store
Food Town
Dollar General
Archie’s Food Basket
Golden Meadow
Good Green
Gourmet Garage
Green Twist Grocery
Grocery Warehouse
Harvest Moon Grocery
Jackson Street Grocery Store
Lazy B General Store
Mystic mart
Nature Fresh Grocery
Premier Mart
Prime Spot
Primo Space
Spruce City Grocery
The Little Big Store
Up Zing General Store
Urban Wings
White Coast General Store
Whole Mart Grocery

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How to Start a General Store Business Perfectly?

Opening a general store or any business requires some basic skills to lead your business to success. One should be strategic, a good entrepreneur, sociable, motivated & solution-oriented in order to successfully grow the business idea of a general store.

But even if you don’t adopt a few or any of the skills mentioned above, we say it’s okay! Our guide on how to start a general store explains every basic step to start your business.

Sketch a Business Plan:

Planning is extremely important when you are going to start a general store. After all, you are investing your money, and who wants his money to go in vain?

Before going for anything, you must plan everything out. A good business plan will give you fruits. It is recommended to plan everything from start to end.

What will be your target audience? What place are you going to choose? How many salesmen will work for you? How much you can invest, and will that be enough? Ask these questions & write them all down.

Also, jot down the setback. What if anything goes against your plan? You wouldn’t want to let just one thing to destroy your whole plan!

Calculate Costs Before Starting:

Your business plan should also include the costing of the products you are going to sell. Calculate the price of the product & the profit it is going to generate.

Calculations of your capital you are investing & earnings from your general store will help you to categorize the products that are most or less profitable for you. Note down all your calculations & also goals that you want to achieve in a month/year.

Target Audience:

This is a very important step in your business plan. Even before thinking of a name or location or any other initial step of your business plan, you should first consider what audience are you going to target?

If you’ve already decided, that’s good then. But if you’re still confused with this, here’s the solution.

You should list out all the age groups & other audiences you are going to target. Then write down your business goals & values. You would get your target audience!

Don’t put the step in the bog. For suppose, you are starting the business away in an area where the majority of the population belongs to the middle & lower class & your target audience is upper class. This will bring you down!

Equipment for Your General Store:

The type of equipment you need for your grocery store depends on what you plan to sell. At a minimum, you need the following items:

  • Cash register with credit card processing machine
  • Freezers and refrigerators for perishable goods
  • Shelves and display cases for displaying items
  • Carts or baskets for customer use

Choose a Location:

What is the best location for your general store? Well, we say it depends upon two things.

  • Your targeted audience
  • The demand

These are the two factors that determine the term best location for your general store. The needs & wants changes with the landscapes. The best location also requires you to find a spot where your business can easily be approached. Setting up a store on the peak of a mountain isn’t gonna work out!

Take Your Business Online:

Online presence of your business matters a lot in this age of the internet. A good website of your general store could work marvels in attracting the customers towards you. It can also make you stand out from the competitors.


How to Use General Store Name Generator?

The general store name generator is painless to use, unlike other name generators that ask for keywords & social media accounts. Our goal is to save time in every possible way.


You just have to press a button on the homepage on a small screen. A click will give you a name but, don’t stop here. We have more than 1000+ creative general store names. Explore them all!


It’ll make you a list of names that you just generated. You can choose your favorite one from them & save it to discuss creative & catchy name ideas for your general store

I hope these tips & ideas will help you to decide perfect general store name. Leave a comment below with your favorite general store name that you generate with the general store name generator.

You can always come back & check for other multiple business name ideas. We have covered almost every business category with our name generators.

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