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Clothing brand name generator can be a helpful tool for you are if you’re looking for clothing brand name ideas. It’s such an amazing feeling to start your own business. You want everything to be perfect at the start and of course, you want a perfect name for your clothing line.

Deciding a name for your clothing brand is not as easy as it sounds. When I started my own brand, it took me days and weeks to brainstorm name ideas and still it seemed like something was missing. But then I got a trick on how to name your brand and it worked, but it costs me so much time and effort.

The Best Clothing Brand Name Generator:


Tips To Perfectly Name Your Clothing Brand

Here are the key points to consider when generating clothing brand name ideas.Make sure you go through all these points to choose a perfect name for your brand.

  • Pronunciation:
    The most popular clothing brands in the world like Gucci, Hermes or Louis Vuitton have kept their names to a maximum of two words. Now you may have a clothing brand name idea that is more than two words, it’s perfectly fine to go with it too. But the majority of the brands prefer keeping the names short and catchy.
  • Appealing:
    Make the name of your clothing brand appealing! Something that excites your customers and makes them go wow! Now I know this isn’t an easy task to do. So we’ve included all the creative clothing brand names into the clothing brand name generator to make it easier for you.
  • Relevancy:
    Relevancy is the key when naming your business. You can not name a clothing brand ‘chocolate factory’, it’s quite obvious but there are some bad brand name examples that didn’t consider the relevancy factor in naming their brand.

How to Use Clothing Brand Name Generator?

The team behind clothing brand name generator have collected all the trendy and creative brand names for a clothing line. These names are curated and regularly updated by the creative brand specialists behind the clothing brand name generator. With a single click, you can generate hundreds and thousands of clothing brand names to choose from.


Not only that, the names you’re generating are stored in the list right below the generator box. This helps you review all the clothing brand names and with a single click, you can add the names you like the most in the favorites list.


You can go through the whole list and simply add the best clothing brand names into the favorites list.

Best Clothing Brand Name Ideas for 2020:

Among all results generated on the clothing brand name generator, here are the top names that were chosen for shops, online stores, and clothing brands.:

Century 21


Century 21 is a retail clothing store in United States. It’s one of the finest clothing brand name example.



Chico’s is one of my favorite and trendy brand names among all the clothing brand names. It’s a catchy and short name which makes the audience wants to know more about it.

Forever New


Forever New tells the brand story itself. It’s a relevant, short and unique clothing brand name.

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Looking at all the inspirations, tips and clothing brand name ideas. It’s time to start generating your own clothing brand names with the clothing brand name generator. Leave a comment below with your favorite clothing brand names to share it with other business owners.

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