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Native American name generator will help you generate some of the best native American name ideas for you. Find out your favorite Native American name ideas and tips for perfectly getting a native American name.

Best Native American Name Generator


Native Americans have some of the amazing customs & conventions. They are a great source of cultural beauty in the world. If you are writing a story & looking for Native American Names, you can find them all here at Native American Name Generator. We have some realistic & socially accurate native American names set out for you.

How to Use the Native American Name Generator:

Native American Name Generator has a great diversity of names for girls & boys. It’s an easily operated & facile tool for generating names.

You’ll see a small screen with buttons “Native American Male Names” & “Native American Female Names”.

To generate the name you particularly want, simply click on the button & a Native American girl or boy name will be in front of you. With this procedure, you can generate as many names as you want.

The Native American Name Generator also makes a list of generated names from where you can pluck out names that you like the most.

Upon scrolling down, you’ll see two lists. The first list will contain all the names you’ve generated so far with the name generator. Upon clicking on any native American name, it will be moved to the other list of your favorite names. You can simply copy the names and keep them with you for further brainstorming.

Best Native American Name Ideas:

  • Tasawahan
  • Widahdina
  • Terugecho
  • Ferumugi
  • Tadoka
  • Chaelton
  • Kuki
  • Yochevo
  • Puhana
  • Selanio
  • Oveiro
  • Kisyano
  • Loshere
  • Sowiyunga
  • Yoxcox Chuslum
  • Ata’Malme
  • Iksis
  • Yuvana
  • Ganmin
  • Igaga
  • Tilyati
  • Gowaseekese
  • Nussuhi
  • Setio’Pin
  • Numa
  • Kiyoni
  • Abeyyo
  • Eyoto
  • Yuhana
  • Zeedishi
  • Lodi
  • Hopi Sihu
  • Piho Layaso
  • Sokanu
  • Gotago
  • Kacheru
  • Tuketi
  • Koosetiki
  • Nootaui
  • Biyanan
  • Gly
  • Noache
  • Lanola
  • Naloha
  • Satis’no
  • Ailama
  • Nani
  • Misnoko
  • Niana
  • Hallutah
  • Naoniwa
  • Natenu
  • Sakkajevu
  • Theloa
  • Neyer
  • Weemaka
  • Zilbil
  • Arielopirs
  • Nasan
  • Uleyu
  • Niaha
  • Kosumi
  • Kachska
  • Sayo
  • Witspochey
  • Heenibeshil
  • Tanasat
  • Tachuni
  • Tokalao
  • Mahkey
  • Liwadi
  • Sanadit
  • Hivwohu
  • Wootisneehu
  • Mikomo
  • Hevataeni
  • Lisashi
  • Sharolo
  • Wanageesha
  • Tiruhu
  • Waumongo
  • Tonwahu
  • Mazasinu
  • Nendoasu
  • Chiha
  • Risacha
  • Tanutu
  • Pataipu
  • Amani
  • Quanhu
  • Telapachme
  • Lein
  • Dutiuha
  • Waumat
  • Dutiuhu
  • Wanikiya
  • Siouxu
  • Sanya
  • Ourray
  • Nokoni

Popular Native American Names:

Native Americans have a long & interesting history rooted in Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America in 1492. Since then, the very intriguing stories have been a part of mainstream & kids literature & cinematography.

Though stories may get slip out of mind sometimes, it is the names that always get clung to memories. Below is the list of most popular Native American Names that have been part of cartoon stories & movies:


Kocoum is the main protagonist of Disney’s popular film Pocahontas (1995). Kocoum is considered the strongest warrior in his tribe, Powhatan after he fought bravely in the battle against Massawomecks. In the film, he is known as a ‘handsome warrior’ & a serious person who rarely smiles which maybe because of his name which means the same. He was supposed to marry Pocahantas whom he loved as well but due to some of his mistakes, he falls into trouble.

Tiger Lilly:

The 19’s kids’ favorite animated movie Peter Pan is still a choice of many parents for their little champs. The beautiful Tiger Lilly is a part of the same movie. Tiger Lilly plays a supporting role in this Disney’s film & is a loyal friend to Peter Pan. She is the daughter of Neverland’s Indigenous Chief, The Indian Chief & rules her tribe along with her father being a princess. She becomes a close friend of Peter Pan & tries to protect him on many occasions.


Denahi is the main antagonist of Disney’s 2003 release of Brother Bear. He is the brother to Sitka & Kenai. His number among his siblings is 2nd. Denai loves to tease his brothers specially Kenai but he is also shown to love his siblings as well. But through different plots of movies, he starts developing a hatred for Kenai which ends up fighting at the end of the movie.


Malina is the main character of Disney’s The Emperor’s New School. She is the friend to the secondary antagonists of the movie, Kuzco & Kronk. She is the cheerleader at the school along with being a student. He becomes a reporter at Kuzconian Times after her graduation.

Grey Beaver:

Grey Beaver is the main character in Disney’s White Fang. White Fang is basically the name of a cub Grey Beaver & his friends find somewhere around their town. He pets the cub & names it as White Fang. Grey Beaver acts a little harsh to the dog but he stands loyal to the fang till the end of the movie.

Native American Naming Tradition:

The Native American naming tradition varies from tribe to tribe. Native Americans had mostly adopted the ancient methodology in choosing the name for newborns. There are some interesting facts about the naming of newborns in Native American’s traditions & customs. Few are mentioned below:

Native American Names are Inspired by Nature:

The names of Native Americans are basically drawn from nature. They don’t bother to brainstorm into family names or the names that exist or don’t in the family. They just take inspiration from nature. For instance, if the baby is born with little black eyes, they would name exactly the same. If the baby is born near the beach, the name will be something that resembles the beach.

Native Americans Don’t Have Only One Name:

Native Americans were mostly named according to conditions. Their name would change as the years fly & a boy reaches adulthood. This goes on with every phase of life. This way a Native American could have multiple names until he sighed his last.

Moreover, their names used to resemble specific events in their life & could also be changed with achievements & accomplishments.

Most Native Americans Have No Surnames:

Most Native American tribes don’t have any family names or surnames. They stuck with their given name only. However, there were also some tribes that preferred to be given two names. One that they would never disclose to anyone else & the second that they will use for general purpose.

There are still many Native Americans residing in the USA & busy reanimating their cultural norms & traditions.

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I hope that by now you must’ve got the names from the Native American Name Generator & put them in some good use.

Leave a comment below with your favorite Native American Names in the comments below.

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