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If you’re obsessed with the wizarding names of the magicians of Harry Potter. Then you will surely enjoy the Harry Potter Name Generator.

You can unearth your inner wizard or a witch by finding some cool Harry Potter wizard names for yourself. Harry Potter Name Generator will find you the wizard or witch name that best fits you.

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Wizarding Names from the Harry Potter Name Generator:


We can all feel Hogwarts’s little magic around us! Many Potterheads have found different ways to express their love for the series in form of tattoos, drawings, fan-fiction, magic shops & even nick names!

Find your wizarding name in this list of Harry Potter Wizard names:

Lacado Maxime
Bagot BellMatie Binus
Elexter Horispius
Beggy Narsis
Albia Corner
Aurelius Creevy
Cassia Crouch
Domitius Diggie
Felix Diggory
Flavia Diggory
Fortunata Doge
Dudley Ombore
Freddy Hogvius
Henry Plavours
Yinny Diggory
Johnus Reputa
David Nistagia
Filius Furevery
Gellert Bagshot
Hamies Potorus
Winlows Drevius
Drecter Veturo
Nadrius Pukus
Armix Sallutro
Reginald Furiya
Terry Marcillus
Hortensia Marcillus
Mariana Furiya
Susan Maximus
Alecto Titus
Valentinus Davies
Vitus Delacour
Valeria Delacour
Malvirus Aidies
Gaia Figg
Galla Figg
Horatia Fitwick
Hilaria Dursley
Meruto Aklabo
Seneca Altusley
Tatania Aidies
Vinies Yumnicius
Welur Drecula
Megnic Geniux
Dejelo Sumrae
Treump Amborey
Wekus Abyan
Mehuteb Zubeera
Sughras Cencius
Nakois Serius
Imbeius Afortabi
Gezalun Arshiyus
Javerix Zabrius
Fillius Tanaquil
Octavius Finnigan
Rubius Rufus
Sabina Krum
Victor Lovegood
Tullia Lupin
Sebahius Nikkix
Rufina Kettleburn
Phillo Hooch
Prima Grubhy
Quintia Gaunt
Priscillia Gaunt
Seneca Gaunt
Septima Carrow
Nero Corner
Laelia Bagshot
Livia Binns
Lucius Abbot
Cornelius Brown
Aurelia Nigellus
Dulcia Crabbe
Fabia Creevy
Cyprian Criswell
Martia Delacour
Livia Diggory
Lucretia Fortescue
Faustina Fletcher
Laelia Goyle
Mila Granger
Octavius Greyback
Romulus Hopkirk
Rufina Johnson
Varinia Jordan
Vita Krum
Urban Lestrange
Sergia Lockhart
Justus Longbotius
Marius Lupin
Horatia Macnair
Cornelius Patil
Cato Pettigrew
Cassius Podmore
Aeliana Quirrell
Crispus Rowle
Decima Shunpike

Famous Harry Potter Wizard Names:



It has been more than 20 years since the first book of JK Rowling’s literary masterpiece, & an amazing fantasy world of Hogwarts’s school came out. But the fandom is still not coming slow!

Fans are yet to skip thinking about all the adventures of Harry Potter, The Boy who Lived & his loyal company of friends.

Although the series ends with the death of the one ‘Who-Must-Not-Be Named’, but fans are still re visioning the chapters in the books & rewatching the parts of the series to get more & more into the world of magic.

Well, this magical hangover isn’t over for us as well. So, here we bring the list of harry potter character names.

Albus Dumbledore:


The first on our list, the headmaster, the hero and the leader, Albus Dumbledore!

Dumbledore’s full name is actually a big name. It’s Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, as he stated in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in his own words.

The name “Dumbledore” is an old Devon word for “bumblebee” and was picked by Rowling because she imagines him wandering around the castle humming to himself.

Albus means “White”, Percival means “pierce the veil, Wulfric means “wolf-power”, and Brian means “the hill” or “strong”.

Ronald Weasley:


Ronald was used primarily in Scotland and northern England during the Middle Ages. His wizarding name holds the meaning of ‘the ruler of the decision.’

Ron Weasley was the sixth and youngest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley. Ron was best friends with Harry Potter and Hermoine Granger.

Draco Lucius Malfoy:


We all would’ve hated this guy if he didn’t turn to be a good Slytherin.

Draco is a strong name that means “Dragon”. It has been one of the popular names from JK Rowling’s series and surely deserves a spot in Harry Potter wizarding names.

Luna Lovegood:


This can be your perfect Hogwarts witch name. The name Luna originates from ‘the moon’. She was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon. Luna Lovegood was sorted into the Ravenclaw house and joined Dumbledore’s Army in her fourth year

Using Harry Potter Name Generator to get Wizarding Names:

Harry Potter Name Generator will enable you to generate thousands of wizarding names with a single click. Here’s how it works:


Harry Potter Name Generator is more easy to use than flying the Nimbus or using the magic spells! You just have to move your arrow with the mouse like a magic wand & click the button named ‘Generate Harry Potter Wizard Name’. A unique Harry Potter wizard name will be in front of you!


Once you’ve generated a good amount of names, you can also review them. Scroll down to see a list of the wizarding names you’ve generated. Click on a particular name to add it to the favorites list.

It’s time to go on a magical journey and start generating wizarding names of Harry Potter. Leave a comment below with your favorite Harry Potter wizarding names.

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